Recruitment Week: Video Editor

Recruitment Week: Video Editor

As BULL gets bigger and better in the new year, we’re looking to add a few more folks to the team in specific roles. We’ve found the best people to bring on are those who read and enjoy the site regularly. If that’s you, stay tuned every day this week to see all the positions we’re planning, like this one here:


Video Editor – We’re swankifying our video output and will soon have a section on the site devoted to good stuff found on the internet. Ideally this person would already be something of a YouTube-ophile, but what’s most important is aesthetics—a good sense of what’s worth it, and what’s junk.  Fairly light time-wise: find at least 4 videos a month (can be queued), and then tweeting/facebooking about new content.

If you’re interested in learning more, email editor(at) with “BULL Video” in the subject line.


All staffers get one of whatever we do or have done or will do. Not to mention masthead credit and the camaraderie of a great group of people.


About the Author

Jarrett Haley is the editor of BULL.