The Children of Charlemagne

I needed to love so I chose the girl in the backyard who looked like my sister.Continue Reading

Many Ways to Find Out

I might have let timidity be my guide had Hannie not started in with her Saturday sojourns. She just started disappearing. I would be in the backyard mowing the lawn or moving boxes into the attic. I would return to the kitchen for something or to make lunch and she would be gone.Continue Reading


“Maybe you should try hosiery?”


“They give you pensions in the hosiery business. You don’t get that with condoms. Besides, what’s a nice Jewish girl working with rubbers?”

It’s true. My friends were lobbyists for gun companies or copy editors for clients who made butter. It was a small world, and they all knew each other, and gave each other jobs, though not me.Continue Reading

Dolls for the End of the World

The warmth came and left, and, no sooner, it left and came. There was no way to guess what the world would become. At least it remained. Charred oak trees surrounded by misplaced puddles. Rivers as black as burnt cherries. Sputtering flames along the receding riverbanks. Days shorter and, still, longer. Patrick stood on theContinue Reading

The Crystal Palace

Now the Millers’ living room was white with smoke. A dark plume gathered quickly at the ceiling. My lungs burned, my eyes stung. Before that, though, I dreamed: the fire in the fireplace cracked and snapped happily. I was still watching TV, the show about the Crystal Palace. Caleb hadn’t left yet. He sat thereContinue Reading

Holy Thoughts

Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, or Muslim–boys will be boys.Continue Reading

Could Haves

Savannah had watched the man come up the walk minutes before, noting his crisp strides, the way each foot landed on the instep instead of the heel-toe, heel-toe approach of most men. He had oddly put out his palm to press the doorbell, and Savannah knew she had to answer. The man now sat acrossContinue Reading

Three Fishermen

He was jealous of them, of the immigrants, of their boldness, their adventures, but he wouldn’t admit it, and he looked at them and they looked at him, and the space in-between was trapped in guilt, his and theirs.Continue Reading


Del, a struggling cabinetmaker, lucks into seven garbage bags of wild growing pot and sees it as a way to start his own shop.Continue Reading

Remote Controls and Menus (XVII)

Things that go hand and hand – like professional wrestling and pornography.Continue Reading