A good Christian boy learns to lie to himself in profound ways.Continue Reading

Ichi Ni San Shi Go

Ichi…ni…san…shi…go, he says, raising then lowering the puck with each word, each number in Japanese, until he drops it quickly on go like it was a hot coal.Continue Reading


I supposed he hated me and tee-ball as much as cats, repeatedly asking “Why don’t you play with a ball of yarn?”Continue Reading


He wonders how he has become all of these things as he stares into the bathroom mirror, holding his breath so his face has color again. He lets the air out and leans over the sink. He keeps breathing, the sound deep, the feeling and pulse of it so deep that his shoulders tremble.Continue Reading

Candles And Petals

He was a mama’s boy with a mouth full of trash. Continue Reading

Soul Survivor

Stones mania adds four more people to a marriage. Continue Reading

Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones writes about cars, trucks, cowboys, Indians, slashers, zombies, and werewolves as fluently and fondly as your grandma talks about the intricacies of each of her grandchildren. If you haven’t read his work yet, you’re in luck: The Only Good Indians (Saga Press $26.99) was released last month, and his next book is due outContinue Reading


So here’s the thing you should know about interviewing Frank Reardon. No bullshit. No flinching. No wincing. Much like the stories he writes, he doesn’t spin. Anything. He doesn’t shy away or go looking for attention. He doesn’t dress up his life to make it feel like anything other than it is same way heContinue Reading

Soundtrack Your Apocalypse, Soundtrack Your Life: An Interview with Honus Honus of Man Man

You can tell where some bands are from by their sound. Other bands sound like tears in the fabric of reality. Man Man is the latter. If you were to guess where they are from based on the sound of their music you might think they sprang into existence in a secret bunker below aContinue Reading

Speaking in Tongues

His beady blue eyes flashed over toward me but I was already gone. I was able to make out one phrase he kept repeating over and over though: Forgive me! Forgive me!Continue Reading