Saying Goodbye to Seamus

An Irish wake for a golden retriever. A dog they want to remember, a night they’d rather forget.
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Pinball Way

Places that have things called shot wheels, where all the bands play punk versions of popular, but dated songs. On Pinball Way all the arcades turn into discos after dark, and sound judgment is a scarce commodity. Continue Reading

James, Transcendent, Everyone Else, Stuck in the Mud

When Mary finds him, she’s going to punish him. He will inadvertently disarm her probably, she knows, imagining a headfirst hug at the bottom of the slide, a tangled pile, wheezing and wild with laughter. The smiling cherub laughs, anger wilts.Continue Reading

Hyperbolic Doubt and Wherever After To Discover The Truth Behind That Some Timely and Malignant Demon Bad Luck

One man recounts the events surrounding his friend’s doomed relationship.Continue Reading

Don Vargas. Wedding Guest.

In the aftermath of the clipped conversation with the musician came a full accounting of Don Vargas’s life. He’d grown up a few clicks north of upper middle class in an all-white suburb of Rochester, New York. His childhood was full of overnight summer camps, golf lessons, then golf camps when the golf took. AtContinue Reading

What’s the Matter in Texas?

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Quarry Day

When I asked, Cody told me he liked to take the back roads to the quarry because they took longer. “More time getting paid to sit down,” he said. I’d let him drive so I could pencil out a new bid. We were just north of Greenfield, past the tree nurseries and orchards, about toContinue Reading


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He sets a clear plastic cup half-filled with water on the dashboard.  The cup sits in a molded holster.  “If any water spills, the interview’s over,” he tells me and buckles up.  I believe him. He’s already had me inspect the truck’s tires, headlights, blinkers, horn, then scan the exterior paintjob for dings and scratches.Continue Reading

The Battle of the Sexes

Life is life and fun is fun, but it’s all so quiet after the female praying mantis eats her male.