American Cheese

When your brother moves out, his room will be your room, as a sort of hand-me-down, like a pair of Jnco Jeans or a chain wallet.Continue Reading


He’d never been to a strip club, but he imagined they were full of Shelby’s.Continue Reading

Launch and Recovery

My apology seemed odd and inadequate, considering the reality of American racism, about which I felt basically helpless.Continue Reading

The Gallows Fifty Cubits High

All I can do is search the room for someone who can help me. But Marie went home a half hour ago, Saul’s sitting with his head buried in an ice chest, and all the cousins are dancing, bunched up in front of the DJ, wasted. I’ve seen worse—it’s Purim—but it might be time to panic.Continue Reading

Friends In Low Places

The principal made Mike an ex-middle school English teacher earlier in the afternoon.Continue Reading

dwindle, peak, and pine

—with thanks to the Columbus Zoo   We find Hay-Zeus on what we think is a Sunday. He is in Cruciform. He is missing below the chest, his neck gnawed away. His fists clench fur. Shame, another says. He is our cook and we have not eaten since what we think was Friday. Not fishContinue Reading

One Hundred Twenty Sunny Nights

Before I left Illinois, I told Julie I needed to do this once, meaning Antarctica, not adultery. More and more I don’t know what I want in this world.Continue Reading


Carlos and I were in our usual lunchtime hiding spot underneath the bleachers by the football field. The only place we could get away from the “bro” haunted hallways of Washington Middle School. My lunch consisted of yogurt and strawberries, which the maid somehow thought I loved. I traded them to Carlos for his tortilla,Continue Reading

The Miller Position

Sometimes a guy will do the unthinkable in order to improve his employment opportunities.Continue Reading


Tim’s new step dad owned a Cadillac.  His name was Bob and he looked like Corbon Bernsen.  Bob had a daughter named Bonnie and I loved her.  Bonnie smelled like coconut and wore bikinis at the beach.  When Bonnie walked along the ocean, strands of her long blonde hair pinched off in the clasp onContinue Reading