Missing Saint

The scraping sound of the pencil against the wall is like a whisper, like the wall is reciting the prayer. Continue Reading

It May Be Your Sabbath But It’s Our 3rd Grade Championship

Dear Ben, I totally respect that your particular religion requires you to abstain from sports on Sundays. But Sunday is our 3rd grade championship game, and the fact is we can’t win without your son, Jonah.  We have seven boys who are fair-to-middling at best, and then my son Coop who can’t dribble twice withoutContinue Reading

To Need Me and Not Know

I’m staring at a door. It’s Mike and me, and the two of us are sitting in his crappy little car staring at the door of a crappy little house in Nordeast Minneapolis on the coldest night of the year. We’re staring at this particular door because inside is a guy named Neil Batteau. WeContinue Reading

Hate the Game

“Here’s what I saw: Stars that burned like I imagine only gods could, presenting themselves in such a way that it was me being presentedContinue Reading

Seven Drums

When Buck bent to the ground to better see the stains in the dirt, I saw him favor his right leg. It was surely broken. Likely nothing more than a greenstick fracture, but broken all the same. And now wasn’t the time to have a broken leg.Continue Reading

I See Him

Choice 1: He had the biggest cock she’d ever seen and he had no idea how to use it.
Choice 2: Wait, Brandy’s had an awning? Then why did we get stuck in the rain that night?? Continue Reading


When Linda danced, she almost forgot about the killer.Continue Reading

The Fairchild

The guys have always given me shit for being good with the ladies, nicknaming me Old Yeller because I’m a stray, which is the only thing they think I could have on them. They say I milk the orphan thing, get the honeys to feel sorry for me.
“Carnage, anyone?” asked Dina as she approached with the Fairchild’s remnants.
or your choiceContinue Reading

Paradise Island

Sometimes instinct is more powerful than evidence.Continue Reading

Summer of Sharks and Missing Persons

Sharks have to keep moving, but all the way to The Mighty Mo?Continue Reading