Tiny Homes

She never pitched my shit out a window—clothes, laptop, record player—like breakups on TV. Continue Reading

My Girlfriend

My girlfriend has more money than I will make in my entire lifetime–one hundred lives. She’s ambitious and self-made. The handbag boutique, which bears her name in New York, Tokyo and Milan, sold for $45 million. That’s a lot of money, but not enough money to get someone killed and get away with it. Not that she wants someone killed—just saying.Continue Reading

One Night In Rapid City

An isolated man in his hotel room find himself unable to move past his own ruminations. Continue Reading

He Do Everything Big

They pinch and prod him. Children ask to feel his muscles. Women run their hands on his chest, feeling the shape and firmness—something none of them have ever felt in their own men. They giggle like high school girls. Beau smiles and nods and hugs and says “yes sir” more times than Anna Carol can count.Continue Reading


I love Rachel, but after fourteen years together and two children, sex isn’t the same. Being inside her feels like inserting a finger in a nostril. Where I used to feel the grip of her, I’m aware of empty space. And none of my solutions work: sticking pillows under her, though Rachel claims she feelsContinue Reading

Empty by Breaking

He looked in the mirror, turned to the side and sucked in his gut. Then he faced the mirror and flexed his massive arms and his stomach. He turned to the other side and extended his arm so that his triceps stiffened into the soft shape of a horseshoe. He faced the mirror again, letting his arms relax at his sides. He unfurled his body, letting his wide shoulders hang, letting his stomach out. Continue Reading

Do It With Grace: An Interview with Portugal. The Man

Since 2006, Portugal. The Man has been making fearlessly evolving rock and roll. Each of their eight studio albums have shown passion, experimentation, and growth in equal measure. The four year gap between 2013’s Evil Friends and 2017’s breakout, Woodstock saw the band record a massive amount of material before scrapping an album they hadContinue Reading

Darrin Doyle

If anything can humble a person, it’s the process of trying to “make it” as an artist; to devote your life to creating a thing that has no tangible, measurable purpose in our particular culture.Continue Reading

One-Time Offer

Watching the wall of my shower gain the ability to talk was disconcerting. Continue Reading

Parallel Lives

Sometimes he thinks he’s living parallel lives. He was reading about some kid, I’m sure, no younger than himself, who had died in a cave—what do they call it—spelunking? One local news channel reported that. Another said he and his friends were only exploring it. They just went in and never came out. Not untilContinue Reading