He sets a clear plastic cup half-filled with water on the dashboard.  The cup sits in a molded holster.  “If any water spills, the interview’s over,” he tells me and buckles up.  I believe him. He’s already had me inspect the truck’s tires, headlights, blinkers, horn, then scan the exterior paintjob for dings and scratches.Continue Reading

The Battle of the Sexes

Life is life and fun is fun, but it’s all so quiet after the female praying mantis eats her male.

The Gun I Used To Own

I’m upright in my bed day-dreaming that I could fall asleep when I’m interrupted by the clash of a couple, drunken, presumably, skirmishing beneath my bedroom window— the pair are shouting acrimonious words back-and-forth like a tennis match drenched in gin and hatred. I can’t discern the source of their disagreement, but from the woman’sContinue Reading

Field Test

“It’s like Grandpa told us,” my brother said. “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”Continue Reading

No Mississippi

His wife had been only a child, thirteen to be exact, the day she found the baby. She and her family had lived in the country, far enough outside the limits of town that they had had no immediate neighbors to speak of. The family house sat on a ten acre plot alongside the farm-to-marketContinue Reading

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young R.E.M. Fan

“Being out of my mom’s house for the first time, surrounded by more cosmopolitan people I couldn’t relate to, deeply unsure of myself, I bonded with these albums. They told me there was a world out there not just for me to revere but emulate.”Continue Reading

Forty-Five Minutes of Unstoppable Rock

“We come in a rental car, white or black or silver, and we bring with us the “Notice to Quit” and the lawsuit. Sometimes the houses are empty, the owner gone with the foreclosure notice. They slink away to another place to forget this place and these timesContinue Reading

The Darkest Shade of Twilight

The sky reflected the sepia tint of Troy’s eyes as he unscrewed the cap of his flat pint whiskey bottle and ran it under his nose to smell the burn of fumes before knocking back a swallow. Continue Reading


we prefer our patriotism cold, pale and mass-produced…Continue Reading

Footfall: Beach Slang Cheap Thrills on A Dead End Street (This-Is-A-We-Didn’t-Get-The-Covers-In-Time-For-Tour edition)

“The Rumba Cafe is only slightly larger than my two bedroom apartment and smells like summer in OhioContinue Reading