Maria, Maria

Seventies young physician fresh out of fancy-schmancy Harvard/Stanford/Harvard/Stanford training blew off chief residency and academic career to become the first internist naïve enough to take a position at some migrant worker clinic in Alviso east of San Jose. Our ramshackle long-neglected prefab building stood between a trailer park, taqueria, chicken farm and Route 237 on a godforsaken patch ofContinue Reading

Sometimes The Air Stills

A boy under the cancerous spell of his abusive father. A town under the deprived grip of misogyny and violence. Both stunted and silenced with fear.Continue Reading

Can’t Go Back Inside

When the smoke clears a fire is still burning. The man can feel the flames singeing the interior of his breastbone. The grass he stands on is wet and his socks soak his feet. They had pulled him back onto the boulevard and there he stands as he refuses to sit with the E.M.T. inContinue Reading

“Out, Brief Candle!”

We were tucked away in a shabby strip center eating chicken fried steak when I got the news. Neon from the “DINER” sign glowed turquoise and bright pink under a small troupe of stars. The waitress had just given us our coffee. She was thin and pale, and her Russian accent contrasted with the restContinue Reading

Two Single Panel Comics

A grocery store clerk confronts his past in the soda aisle. A plumber dreams of ways to eradicate his own profession. Continue Reading

Two Stories

It all comes out, no matter how many years later. He hated that photo, but it was telling the truth.Continue Reading

Excerpts from The Bacanora Notebooks: The Turkey

A Thanksgiving to forgetContinue Reading

How to Make a Snakeskin Bookmark

Step One: Find a SnakeContinue Reading

Last Word

He pulls this shit each time a chick dumps his lame ass.Continue Reading

Evening Guard

I should have wrapped my Play-Doh mitts around her taut, Zumba’ed waist. But instead I applied for the lifeguarding gig advertised on a white board at the Y’s front desk.Continue Reading