How to Pick Up Beautiful Women

Were instead of are, as if beauty fades with time, which is not what you want a beautiful woman to think about when you are trying to enter her life. You don’t want her thinking about death the way you do. That’s no way to find your Imago.Continue Reading

Laying on Hands

From incarceration to Jesus to Walmart, the reverse chronology of an American life.Continue Reading

Trot Trot to Boston

My wife’s mother has been with us for nearly a week. Our first few days home with our son were tough and we asked if she would fly in from the east. The request, we both agreed days before her arrival, was premature, erupting out of the seething stress following two nights in hospital afterContinue Reading

Higher Ground

For two weeks last fall, my friend Deno and I went into business together as snake removers. The reptiles had been flooded out of their normal recluses in the swamps and woods surrounding Meridian, and they had invaded people’s homes and gardens. Normally, I worked as a landscaper, HVAC repairman, and the odd handy man,Continue Reading

In Memoriam Formicarum

Nowhere to run, no place to hide.Continue Reading

Cigarettes After Sexism: The Shy-Boy Misogyny of Indie

I spent most of high school wearing hoodies, reading guys like Salinger, and thinking about a girl called Laura, whose name is not really Laura.Continue Reading

Where The Big Bad World Begins

Tall as the devil, they said. At thirteen. Wingspan of a rare stork. Hands fat as chuck steaks. He should have been ruining worlds, not having his own destroyed by a pint-sized Indian in a second-hand Raiders jacket.Continue Reading

Tightrope Walkers

Lucien primes the engine and watches a little slug of sweat glide down his shin and break against the ankle bracelet. This is a good, normal thing to do, he thinks. The edger starts on the third pull. He imagines taking a step over the invisible line, and them coming for him, sirens ablaze—maybe notContinue Reading

Bringing in the Hounds

He felt the impact in his gut—the punch of sympathy, something he’d conjured and reflected on over the years. You share in the death. You feel it knuckle into your midsection. Continue Reading

Kali VanBaale

“Never, ever, underestimate perseverance.”Continue Reading