Last Word

He pulls this shit each time a chick dumps his lame ass.Continue Reading

Evening Guard

I should have wrapped my Play-Doh mitts around her taut, Zumba’ed waist. But instead I applied for the lifeguarding gig advertised on a white board at the Y’s front desk.Continue Reading

Crane and Hoist

Poor Joe Riggs. Time has slowed to a deceptive taffy-stretch for him while he waits for rescue.Continue Reading

Somewhere Without Trees

No one broke Jesus’ legs, but someone made Him bleed. Continue Reading

He Was Right

When I was young, my old man told me we were all animals.Continue Reading

Practically Married

Douglas heard the television in the den attached to the kitchen. I should go into the den, he thought. That is where men in families go.Continue Reading

Dropping Dimes

There was barely anyone on the highway. Tony felt it was a mixed blessing: he wanted to need to pay attention, to not think about things other than working within the flow of traffic, but he also wanted to get there quickly. He remembered something a teammate, Liam, had once told him: to be good,Continue Reading

Gordo on the 4th of July

An idea I’ve been mulling all night catches and burns through my stomach.Continue Reading

The Angels’ Armory

i. Small Town Killers We called ourselves the Small Town Killers because we made ghosts of a man and a woman in their trailer home out on the Etowah County line in West By God, Alabama. They had done us wrong on a deal involving a small number of guns. The news reporters called usContinue Reading

Fly Away Home

There was purity and punishment to fighting and a release valve at the end of his fists.


Sometimes birds lose their way or have an accident.
Sometimes they become victims of predators.Continue Reading