Brian Bosworth and His Closet Full of Bodies

“Brian Bosworth has a closet full of bodies. In the morning, he opens the closet and puts one on. He slips it over his skeleton and looks in the mirror. Inspects his image and proportions. It gets his motor running – makes something vibrate in his ribcage.” Continue Reading

In Line at Walmart With All the Other Damned

We used to be worth something. Continue Reading

Daddy Said I Had To

This was different than squirrels—revenge not supper.Continue Reading

Hosho McCreesh

I knew he had to be challenging. I knew he had to be his own biggest problem. I knew he had to be the hero and the villain of his life… I just didn’t know why. I knew I wanted to write a book about America, but I knew I didn’t want to write a sermon from a pulpit.Continue Reading

If Not Affection…

Daryl awoke and found the fist-like lump just under his jawline. His wife was busy with the children—the children who were too careless to notice while he shuffled to get his coffee and a bowl of cereal. At the factory, his supervisor said Daryl needed to go to the doctor, but instead Daryl went toContinue Reading

Tiger Man

He saw a strange version of himself. Despite the long scar down his chest, simply exposing his skin to the V at his navel created some kind of sexuality, something primal and full of energy. The tiger, the bell-bottoms—he surrendered to their absurdity, their excess, the sheer suggestion of showmanship. He kicked out the flared fabric then brought his legs down into a wide stance and swiveled his hips. He circled his hands in a karate chop move he’d seen Elvis deliver on stage, and then he dropped into one of the dramatic crouches Elvis sometimes used to punctuate the end of a song. Continue Reading


Drunk and jealous in an exotic locale, he wonders: “What’s the opposite of a honeymoon?”Continue Reading

August in Montreal

He stood a little too close, whispered a little too urgently. Continue Reading

You Don’t Get to Do This

The thoughts wouldn’t leave her head as Cal left for work on Monday, and when Graham wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her up for a kiss as soon as he walked inside the house.Continue Reading


Blood is forever boy, he said. You remember that. Don’t ever forget it. I know, I know, the boy told him. The boy spit and kicked a mound of thawing slush. It was a cold evening. Purple-gray. Half-blind light failing. It would be dark in minutes. Where’s your sister at? She’s inside. Tell her toContinue Reading