Toy Cars

“While the world keeps building up around him he is stuck down there, stunted by childish habits and thought, the emotional, and spiritual level of an eight or nine-year-old child.”Continue Reading

In Sickness

“He hadn’t told anyone, the first time. It had seemed like a marvelous secret, the kind you didn’t tell adults for fear of ruining the magic, and even though he was getting too old for fantasies like that now, he decided again to keep it to himself. Instead he tested his new-found strength.”Continue Reading


“Meanwhile I’m thinking about how this is what a rehabilitated heroin addict should look like. Not like me, or the others. Imi has a job, money, a fiancé. In short, a life. It’s all worked out for him. Of course, it all depends on your perspective. I’m alive, so if we look at it that way, it worked out for me too.”Continue Reading


“By saying yes in spite of the dangers, I felt I made myself vital and trusted. And was this not what a good American was supposed to do when making friends abroad? To open themselves up to new experiences, to say yes as much as possible, even when the proposition was frightening?”Continue Reading


“My ex-girlfriend Amy-Rose said to me once, ‘You only like me because I’m pretty.’ She wasn’t wrong, though I could’ve retorted, ‘You only like me because I play guitar and have a car.’ A shitty car, but still. Instead I said, ‘Man, you have such a huge ego.'”Continue Reading


“Sure, you probably published several books but the true highlight of your thirties so far has been you dismissively allowing your mind, body, and soul to gradually unravel like an old sweater.”Continue Reading

Brian Alan Ellis

I want to matter. I want to make a name for myself. I want revenge on people who have abandoned/rejected me in the past. I want to be a big shot, like someone I look up to or have looked up to. I want to transcend my reality of just being another nameless, faceless person who gets up and just goes to work.Continue Reading

Tom Pitts

  Throw out everything you know about crime fiction. Tom Pitts, author of Hustle and American Static, returns with a plot stickier than an ounce of Humboldt County’s finest. 101 is typical Tom Pitts, the kind of novel that proves he’ll forever and ever have followers, trailing behind him begging for one more hit. —Eryk Pruitt, author of What We ReckonContinue Reading

South of Cincinnati

How do you starve a hillbilly to death?Continue Reading


The plantain is black. It is black. It is black yet it has lightened. It is black yet it feels healthy elastic. The peel hardens up and goes cold. It is a black plantain yet there are signs of stirring life. New grassy hairs the color of wood shavings uncurl from the place where theContinue Reading