Prison Review Info

Please review the notes below send all review materials to:

Curtis Dawkins #573543
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street
Coldwater, MI 49036

For Book Publishers, Publicists, and Agencies:

We encourage participation of publicity agencies & publishers large and small who seek exposure to our readers. Shipments sent directly from major publishers should have no problem getting through prison protocol. If sent from an imprint, please make sure the return address corresponds with the attribution of materials contained, if possible.

For small, independent publishers: printed address labels and other efforts to make the packaging look official will help your book get through the prison system.

For Individuals:

If you’re just a fan of Curt’s reviews and want to be a part of them—#1) You’re awesome. #2) Let’s get it done.

Just send him a new book via any online retailer. (Used books are not accepted into the Michigan Reformatory, and any books sent directly from an individual are considered “used.”) Curt is happy to make note and thank the sender inside the review—use the “gift” option so he’ll know who you are. Send a book you think he should read, something you want his opinion on, or anything off his Request Shelf at the BULL Library. All books will be donated to the Prison Library afterward for use by other inmates.  


Review examples can be found in our prison review archive.

For more information, contact editor{at}

Thanks very much for partcipating.