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“I’m rubber and drunk all of a sudden” – David Biddle, “A Civil Marriage”

“She was aging. Despite the years of plastic surgery, or maybe even because of them, she was starting to look strange. Old, but also artificial and a bit desperate. You could smell it coming out of her pores like new plastic.” – John Talbird, “Girls”

“The beds in rehab were narrow and our feet hung over the edges, but the room was cozy and the company good.” – Adam Penna, “Men’s Extended Care”

“I told her my name and thanked her for the opportunity to liaise with the midget horses and their excrement. I put it differently, of course, molding that basic idea, like a ball of excrement, into a more pleasant shape.” – Caleb True, “Pygmy Ponies”

“I replayed that moment over and over in my head– I told myself to look up from the magazine. I told myself not to say what I said about Angelina Jolie eating her children. I told myself to say ‘I prefer when he asks you to read. I prefer the hum of your valved voice.’ ” – Rob Roensch, “Warehouse”